Individual Classes

Entrance exams to the conservatory. Classes in piano, classical guitar, electric guitar, musical language and introduction to music.

Group Classes

Collective classes in small groups.

Music initiation workshops

Special workshops for babies and parents with specialized professionals.


Piano Lessons

Individual or group face-to-face piano lessons.
We adapt the training to any style of music.


Classical and Electric Guitar Lessons

Whether electric, acoustic or classical, we have guitar lessons for all ages and modalities. With or without knowledge with our guitar lessons you can learn your favorite songs.


Musical Language

For a quick learning of instrumental interpretation, musical language classes are fundamental.


Initiation to music from 3 years of age onwards

Our methodology is based on affective learning through discovery, exploration, creativity and the musical and human factor, but having clearly programmed musical objectives so that children end up speaking music as another language.

Learn music by playing.


Music workshop for children and parents

Music classes.
Music as the main affective and emotional bond between parents and their children.